Monday, August 02, 2010

Baby Nostalgia

Where did the summer go? For that matter, where have the past five years gone? It seems like only yesterday I was a new mother navigating my way though sleep depravation. Now I have a bright, energetic five-year-old daughter starting kindergarten next week.

My little girl is no longer a baby. She's a kid. (She's pointed that out to me on several occasions.) I promised myself I won't cry when I drop her off for the first time, but I know better.

Sometimes I miss the baby days. I spent the afternoon with friends yesterday, and one of them had her six-month-old son in tow. He was a cutie, and he giggled when I made funny faces.

Then I discovered he was smiling because he pooped all over his car seat. My warm fuzzy feeling was replaced by the smell of baby poo.

I realized I've got it pretty good. My kid can take herself potty, I get a full night's sleep, and every day, I get the best hugs ever.