Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Kindergarten Screening

I went into the office late this morning so I could take my daughter to meet her new teacher.

We started the morning with a bevy of questions as to why we were abandoning the standard routine. "I thought I didn't go to my new school until next week? We're having water day at my old school. I wanted to go!"

I assured her that our visit would be brief, and that she would be back at daycare in time for water day. Once the crisis was avoided, we made it to school with a few minutes to spare.

Mrs. L. explained to me that I had to wait outside while she and my daughter went through the skills assessment. Like any good mom, I sat in the hall and tried to eavesdrop. I heard them discuss block building and shapes, and although the janitor was buffing the floors down the hall, I could tell E was doing well.

"I want you to finish a sentence for me." Mrs. L said.

"Okay." E's voice had a serious tone.

"A boy is a brother, and a girl is a ... "

"Sister!" E giggled.

"A door is made of wood, and a window is made of ..."


"Birds fly, and fish...."


Jump? A few seconds later, I heard their voices move closer to the door. I pretended to check text messages.

"E did really well on the screening." Mrs. L beamed.

"Is that so?" I asked. E held out a zebra sticker and wiggled her hips.

"Oh yes, she'll have no problem picking up the curriculum."

The next student was there for her appointment, so I shook the teacher's hand and headed for the exit.

"Sweetie," I said as we walked to the car. "What did you tell the Mrs. L about fish?"

"You know, they jump in and out the water like this," she said as her arm made a up-and-down wavy motion.

"What about swimming?"

"The like jumping. It's more fun."

I have to appreciate the creativity.