Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mixed-up Momma

Some days I just get it all wrong. I acknowledge it happens to the best of us, but it's hard to make a comeback when you have a string of fails Monday through Friday. Here's my week:

1. Business-trip botch-up. I was in Chicago to set up a conference this past weekend. At 1 p.m. on Sunday, a staff member asked me for the attendee name tags. I checked the UPS tracking number, and it turned out they were still in STL because the mail room missed the UPS pick up. After a scramble to have them reprinted at Kinko's, I remembered the IT guy was bringing them in the truck with our computer equipment.

2. Mad dash for class. I started teaching a new class this past Thursday. I left my day job, battled the Cardinals game-day traffic, and made it to the satellite campus in Earth City with minutes to spare. Just as I was congratulating myself for a drive well done, the campus director told me my class was downtown. That's quite convenient, as my nine-to-five was within walking distance.

3. Arkansas round-up. I was glad to see this week go, so I toasted its farewell with a honey wheat beer during a department happy hour. I also took a quick trip to the mall to check out the sale at my favorite store. My mother-in-law called me as I was on my way home.

"What time will E be ready tomorrow?" she asked.

"Ready for what?"

"Arkansas. We leave in the morning."

"Say what? I thought that was next weekend!!!"

I checked the clock. 9:30. I had a stack of mismatched clean clothes and a list of things to purchase for her trip. I called my husband and gave him laundry detail. By some miracle, I busted some cornrows in E's hair and packed 6 outfits by 10:45. Hubby made a midnight run to Wally World to get the rest.

So now, I'm decompressing. It's Saturday (at least I think it is), my daughter is on her way to Arkansas, and I'm getting a much needed hair cut. Next week will be better, I promise!!!

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