Friday, March 12, 2010

Changing my world, five minutes at a time

Life is becoming more complicated by the minute. More often than not, life gets in the way of living life, if that makes sense at all. I have a full-time job, a part-time job, a family, and a long-ago abandoned list of hobbies. Sometimes I feel as if I'm running in circles. There are mornings that I'm lucky to leave the house with my hair combed.

I've got a list of things that I want to do, but I can't get to them for one reason or another. Cleaning my oven, reorganizing my closet, finishing my daughter's baby book. So I've decided to tackle these things, one project at a time, five minutes at a time.

Five minutes? I know, it might sound crazy, but sometimes five minutes is all I've got. Plus, I'm a little like a crocodile (or is it an alligator?). I have short bursts of focused energy, and if I put them to good use, I think I could get a lot done.

To keep me honest, I'm going to try to revive my blog and document my progress. I hope you'll follow along.

Oh - I almost forgot - I gave myself a few rules.

1. Five minutes only. For the first few weeks, I'm going to time myself when I start a task, just to see how much I get done in the alloted time. I don't want to write about how I cleaned my refrigerator in no time when it was really an hour and a half.

2. Multiple fives are allowed. I might try to do a couple of things a day, but I'll limit each task to five minutes.

3. Five-minute blog. The writing should take five minutes too. The purpose of this is for me to get organized and feel like I have some time back - I can't spend the whole night writing a blog. To help with that, I did invest $2.99 in BlogPress for my iPhone. I won't be able to spend more than five minutes typing on that little keyboard.

So, wish me luck, and I'll stay in touch.